Poems by Ethel Pearson

Many a poet, living or dead,
Had talents far beyond my muse,
But the paltry thoughts that roam within my head
At least - they are my very own.

My Cry
Can you hear me out there beyond the veil?
I am so lonesome - and I hear the wind's wail
In spite of my eternal tears, your presence still I lack
Life is but a one way street, there is no turning back.
I pray that you have found the peace and joy that was your due
And may I someday share that life with you.

Lake "Winnie"
How many eons have the lake-waves kissed the spruce laden shores?
While high in the blue, gentle winds carry the horizontal sails.
To soak the sun and wonder is enough.

The Inner Us
Do I know you?  Do you know me?
Not really.
The great "I am" within us all is like a mystery
Hidden in the waters at the bottom of a well
And hesitant to show how vulnerable it is.
It is this that we must strive to raise,
Forever clawing upwards towards the light
This earth, perhaps, is not the place
For inner revelations
Maybe another realm will be
A haven of trust, complete.
Then I'll know you, and you'll know me -
For that I yearn.

Shy Rebecca
Where is 'becca?  I declare -
She was here but a minute ago.
Is she up in her room?  You guess where.
Maybe under the sofa, or behind the door?
When Mommy speaks crossly or strangers come in
On steps of air our little miss is gone
But soon she'll be back with kith and kin
When through your voice she has heard your Love.

Little Sarah
Large gray eyes in a round plump face
Bestowing happy smiles with royal grace.
Then in a twinkling the pixie shone through
And on her face a comie picture grew
Ah, we are but adoring peasants - that she knows!
From her bright little head to tiny toes

Country Boy
My country boy is lean of limb,
Blue of eye with sun-straw hair
With easy gait he roams the meadows
Skipping on brook stones, hunting for frogs.
In his mind's eye a gun he carrys
For surely there's game in the woods around him
A loud "John-E" pierces the air
As a quick reminder of chores left undone.
So back to the feeding of heifers and hogs
To weed the beans and hoe the corn.
The sun is setting and the stars soon will twinkle
And the kitchen beacons, their rays are calling
"Come, Country Boy, with both your dogs
A bountiful dinner awaits you all."

Someone To Care
I had a Someone, the Light of my life
The Love of my youth, the Love of my age.
A Someone who loved me in spite of my faults
The Light's now extinguished and I'm in the dark.
Oh, God!  What I'd give for someone to care.

Flip - The Volcano
"I hate you," "I hate you," "how dare you," "how dare you!"
The din is roof raising as the as the emotions erupt
What triggered this scene?
Why, Mother said "No" or "Maybe" or "Later"
And Flip has no patience with the like of such words
It must be "Yes, of course" and "right now"
In spite of the words the struggle goes on
To keep the tears from others to see
Believe it or not, this same little boy
Has plenty of love tucked away inside
And a bright active mind to tackle life's puzzles.
So, like Mother, we'll try to be tolerant
While we wait for the end of the volcanic childhood.

The Storm
In genuflection the dark trees bend
As the trains of wind roar through their branches.
The slanted sleet churns angry waves
And they in vengeance slap the shores.
In fear the boats are shuoldering against the peirs
While behind the salt marsh the ducks are hiding.
Now Nature's tantrums I have seen before
So I'll build a hearth fire and fill up the kettle
When the whistle doth blow my tea I will brew,
Then to the rocker I'll adjourn in contentment
While deep in a book I shall find a snug harbor
Where gladly I'll forget the howls of the storm

June Evening
The hillside honeysuckle it's fragrance sends
On the twilight breeze
While merry music comes floating 'cross the bay
As "Bay Queen" points her bow to the open seas.
The wind increases - the leaves turn skyward
And rain will fall before the morn.

To Kristine       July 13, 1977
Happy Birthday, my dear Kristine
This is the day you're turning sixteen.  "Sweet Sixteen!"
"and never been kissed" the rhyme added further
That's rather funny, 'cause I know better!
The family, to their little-girl memories will be clinging,
While new paths of interest you are seeking.
There are jobs to be had and dollars to be earned.
And legal-driving-day will come, for which you yearned.
School days call, studies begin, for you must plan for days unseen
May the future be kind to my Sweet Sixteen.

Day Dreams
Where, oh where, do old dreams go
When their wings are thin like thread bare silk?
May be to some churchyard within the mind
There to drop softly, Then silently sleep.
No more will Future's sun arise -
Life lies barren when Day-Dreams pass away.

Among The Crowd
I love my children
I love my relatives and friends
I enjoy the conversation that hums around the room
I chat, I argue
We laugh at events of long ago.
But where is that familiar face
I seek among all the others?
That half smile greeting
When eyes locked in mutual love
Then I realize with a silent thud
I am alone - among the crowd

To Ralph - on his 18th Birthday      1/31/1977
Aha! at last the Big Day has arrived,
This Day your country says you are a man.
Are you prepared? Can you harness the dreams For which you've strived?
At times our youth makes us feel like a yo-yo
When emotions jump from clouds to the pits.
But as these extremes finally slow
It easier will be to sail into port.
Now troubles and duties come to us all.
So show us the good cloth from which you were made
And make us, your family, with pride stand tall
Forever remembering - Our Love never ebbs.

You tell me yes - I wonder why.
I'll ask you the questions.  You give me the answers.
If multiple lives I have lived before
Who was the first mother that cuddled me close?
Somewhere there must have been a dawning.
Am I the "ME" of today, or was I
A queen of ancient temples.
A slave girl, a pioneer, or a harlot?
To wander in and out among the centuries
To suffer pain again and many deaths
Then indeed this world would be our hell
I find the thought revolting.
Surely the Lord can find us a place among his many mansions
Where we can pursue our talents or rest to our heart's content.

To Hazel
Friendship: the state of being friends.
'Tis true, 'tis true! But can any book define
The feeling friend has for friend?
The trust, the loyalty, the kindness,
And above all, the pleasure of each other's company
Million of words have been written
By many brilliant scholars
But to be understood, Friendship must be lived
And that, my friend, is what you and I are doing.

Now I Walk Alone
Many years of hand in hand
Now I walk alone
Footsteps left in shifting sand
Now I walk alone
Rolling surf shows threads of broken bubbles
As I walk alone
Memories of joys and troubles
Now I walk alone
Ice cream cones, bird songs, glorious sunsets
In everything our senses blended
Then the Fisherman cast his nets
Leaving me to walk alone

The Future?
Buildings large - buildings beautiful
Buildings firm upon the ground.
The bells rang out - the people thronged in
To worship their God Eternal.
Buildings large - buildings beautiful
Buildings firm upon the ground.
The bells ring out - the people trickle in
To worship their God Eternal.
Buildings torn - buildings ugly
Buildings shaky upon the ground
No bells ring out - no people enter in
To worship the God of ages past
Why must our God live in a stone abode?
Out, OUT! ye priests!
Run, shout the Tidings from the streets and hills
Go into the by-ways and walk the shore
Follow the footsteps of Him
Who came to teach us all
That God wants to live in the hearts of men.

The world worships the beauty of the beautiful,
And the strength of the strong
And the talents of the gifted.
While multitudes are viewed as being
Ugly, rough-hewn and crooked,
Like the old beams in an old cellar
That hold up the house
Beauty and strength will fade away,
The gifted, their talents to illness can lose
So be glad there's no lack of common beams
On which the old world can rest.

The Mobile
The shining spheres
Assail my ears
Yet beauty's there
Of that I am aware
When wind and motion die
Then I'll hear the baby's cry.

Of Such are Memories Made
Pining for the future
A loving glance
Lifted eyebrows
The binding vows
Happy travel
An Accident
Watching new life grow
Old homes - new homes
A spat
A make-up kiss
War clouds grow
And fade away
Old jobs - new jobs
Watching the clouds
A cuddle-up on a cold night
Admiring a sunset
Worrying over a sick child
Tears for a departed pet
A cool drink on a hot day
Pride over a child's achievement
Chocolate ice cream
Welcoming our children's loves
Hospital stays
New lives come again
Being alone

Mar. 2
Bitter blows the wind
And the waves have donned their caps.
Man and child prefer their wraps well pinned.
Like golden metal the sun shines cold.
But there, as through the window pane I look,
A rocking tree limb holds a robin bold.

The Gull
Up, across, and down
Up, across, and down
Whoops, into the wave he plops
Up again, gliding to the pier post
Standing in the sun, he stops
For a while, his body to toast

Fading Sight
Never again to see the sun arise
Never again to see the sun go down
Never again will my eyes see yours
The curtain may come but my soul will have eyes
To see the wide universe, eternally shine

O, didalee dee, O didalee dee
Fiddle - faddle - and all that!
I seek the words that turn on smiles
But the one I find are sad and flat
I want word people giggle and laugh at
I want to be light hearted and witty
I wonder why such gaity eludes me?  I wonder - oh , drat!

Summer Twilight
The sea and sky share each others rosiness
But dark gray-blue is catching up
While distant shore lights are dancing in their evening dress
The catbird is mewing in the thicket and he will answer you
As the fireflies are twinkling in the grass
Gradually the picture changes as night displays her own dark hue
Ah, Twilight!  I love the beauty of you kaleidoscope.

Moonlight Night
The world in silver whiteness lies
Through which no stealth may pass
But spirits run and dance with joy
Free to be unseen within the magic glass
A shimmering path across the darkened water
Beckons to the farther shore
Am I their daughter?

To Elin (after Elaine's death)
I pray the golden lamp of friendship
Will lighten the path you have to tread
It's hard, but better, that we cannot see around the bend
For then the dawn will seem the brighter
And understanding flood our hearts.
(Elin Pearson dec. 12/78)

Sad Commentary
I have read advice that warns "don't look back and don't look deep."
How strange!  Words that seem the opposite of what the doctors say
Then, as I sit a'thinking, maybe it's the only way
Mankind can survive - "don't look back and don't look deep."

Thoughts in the Night
In the dark of the night
When thoughts fly through my mind
Like moths around the light.
Then my muse comes and silently and sits beside my bed
Whispering words that tell of wondrous miracles of life
A blade of grass with crystal dew
Sand, finger-sifted from my hand
Last night's puddles reflecting heaven's blue
See, it's all there!
The World - within my grasp!

What do I like ---
What do I like most about January?
The chance to skate the frozen pond in the moonlight.
What do I like most about February?
The day of lovers - Valentine - and the many family birthdays.
What do I like most about March?
The promise of spring that's in the air.
What do I like most about April?
The sight of bud and leaf unfolding - Easter with its special meaning.
What do I like about May?
That there's babies abounding - birds in the nest, small ones in the
furrows, and lambs in the shed.
What do I like most about June?
All nature at its peak and roses, roses everywhere.
What do I like most about July?
A cool drink while watching the "4" parade.
What do I like most about August?
The time to soak the sun on the sandy beach as children play.
What do I like most about September?
The heat is waning and the open road is beckoning
There is much to see in this big land.
What do I like most about October?
On golden days I take to the woods to see the best of nature's
What do I like most about November?
To stay in and enjoy a fire as rain pelts the window panes.
What do I like most about December?
To embrace the whole family in Christmas together-ness
-            and to think I've had it all with you, Love

Human Kaleidoscope
I watch
as they are
swirling, twirling
bending, stretching
lying, crawling
walking, running
jumping, leaping
breaking, speeding and stopping
Designs in unending motion
ye of the Modern Dance

Grief - like ice caught in winter's stream.
While eons pass, or so it seems
Until time unlocks the dam and lets the grief-floes tumble down
Then, once again, life will flow along

To My Family
I wonder if you can understand
Why I must make the written words
Explain the feelings that stir within me
Probably not.
No doubt you'll be amused
at such a feeble talent
Such grammar!
Such poor construction!
Probably true.
But all I want for you to see
Deep down in
Is all the flow of Love I have
For all of You!

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