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03 August 2002

Wow, I actually got the photos of our Georgia Vacation posted before our next year's vaction. Thanks really has to go to Photoshop's web page wizard though.

16 June 2002

I found a job. I'm contracting full time now. I'm working with a small firm 4 Di Solutions out of Mill Valley and I'm working at Charles Schwab on their Schwab Instutional site for investment managers.

16 May 2002

Well gee, I've been so busy with work since last summer, I haven't gotten around to updating the site. Well, I've got some more time again. Yep, I got laid off again. So if you know anybody looking for Java and/or ColdFusion developers point them to my resume. All the old photos have been cleared out and only Christmas 2001 is left on the site. I expect to use some of my new found time to get the latest ones posted.

28 June 2001

Hey look! Melody has her own web site! www.MelodyPetras.com. Actually David got it set up with that wonderfully embarrassing photo of her. Now it's her job to learn how to make web pages and remove that photo. [Update] Melody, never could find the time to update the site, so I stoped paying for that web space and moved it under the main family site at melody.pearson-family.org.

05 May 2001

Nettie's poems have finally been converted to the web and are posted here.

02 February 2001

Is ICplanet back again? [Update] Nope! Got acquired by Hall Kinion, you'll find our software running their job board at Jobs.HallKinion.com.

01 January 2001

Jeremy's Birthday Photos

Christmas Photos

18 December 2000

David has a job again. David is banding together with a few people from ICplanet to form Pruvin Technologies. Pruvin is an acronym of the last names of the founders (Pearson, Rouquette, Uno, Vander Hoek and the "in" is there to make it pronouncable). They'll be working on a recruiting system for staffing agencies and corporations.

10 December 2000

Well the start-up that David was working for went belly up this past Friday (12/8/2000). ICplanet closed its doors and laid everybody off. David is now looking for a new web application developer job. If you know anybody looking for Java and ColdFusion developers point them to his resume.